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COFREPECHE in-house staff, based in Paris, consists of the following personnel: The experience of each staff member and his/her responsibilities in the company are presented below:

Chief Executive Officer
  • More than 30 years experience in the fisheries sector
Deputy Managing Director
Jean-Pierre SILVA
    • More than 20 years experience in business administration
    • More than 16 years experience in the sector and in the management of the consultancy company COFREPECHE
    Catherine LECOUFFE
    • Holder of an M.Sc. in aquaculture (University of Stirling, UK) and M.Sc. in agriculture (ISA, Lille)
    • 10 years of experience in aquaculture project management and backstopping under several donor agencies (EU, DFID, AFD) in Asia and Africa.
    • Project officer and project manager for APDRA Pisciculture Paysanne, a French NGO implementing fish farming development project in Africa.
      Program Officer for a DFID funded aquaculture research programme coordinating research teams leading projects focusing on aquaculture while leading her own research on Fairtrade shrimp in parallel. Involved in several EU-funded projects for Stirling Aquaculture, the consultancy of the Institute of Aquaculture in Scotland (AquaFlow, CSN-Intran). (2003-2008)
    • Skills: fundraising, identification, management – technical and financial – and implementation of aquaculture projects
      Several field missions (monitoring, study, feasibility) in Africa and Asia
    Etienne JARRY
    • Preparation and implementation of observer programmes at the COFREPECHE's Head Office
    • Program Manager of the ROP-BFT 'Regional observer Program for Bluefin Tuna' from ICCAT, seasons 2010, 2011 and 2012.
    • Former observer deployed on Mediterranean tuna purse seiners and on Atlantic coastal fishing vessels
    • Specialities: project management, preparation and implementation of fisheries observer and monitoring programmes, observers management
    • Master in Natural Resources Ecology (IBEA, Angers - 2007) and in Entreprises Administration (IAE, Nantes - 2008)
    Antoine ROUGIER
    • Master of Engineering (M. Eng) in Tropical Agronomy and International Development (ISOM) obtained in 2008, following a technical certificate in aquaculture production and a bachelor in international trade of agribusiness products from the University of Bordeaux II.
    • In charge for more than 5 years of the coordination in the field of several private sector/ NGO partnerships, working on the development of aquaculture as an alternative livelihood for coastal communities, and on the commercial production of new crops for export markets (red seaweed, holothurians).
    • Strong experience in partnership development and management of partnerships between ONG, private sector, research and donors (Norges Vel (NORAD), EU, private foundations…).
    • MSc Management and Corporate Sustainability from Cranfield University (UK) being finalized (2014-2015).

    In brief
    07/10/14 : The consortium, led by COFREPECHE, has completed the evaluation of the Protocol to the Fisheries Partnership Agreement between the EU and Greenland

    22/09/14 : Sign-up for the SAFI newsletter is now open

    01/02/14 : End of ACP Fish II projects

    COFREPECHE searches
    Eastern Africa - Indian Ocean
    11/01/16 : Fisheries economist

    Eastern Africa - Indian Ocean
    11/01/16 : Fisheries trade specialist

    Africa, Caribbean Islands, Pacific (ACP)
    03/10/14 : Experts in fisheries and aquaculture management plans and policy development, research and implementation (looking for specialists in diverse and complementary skills)

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