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COFREPECHE subsidiaries :

COFREPECHE is member of :

COFREPECHE in-house staff, based in Paris, consists of the following personnel: The experience of each staff member and his/her responsibilities in the company are presented below:

Chief Executive Officer
  • More than 30 years experience in the fisheries sector
Deputy Managing Director
Jean-Pierre SILVA
    • More than 20 years experience in business administration
    • More than 16 years experience in the sector and in the management of the consultancy company COFREPECHE
    Vincent DEFAUX
    • Responsible for the International Development / 10 years experience in fisheries consultancy
    • Works in: Africa (4 years based in Benin - 2005 to 2009); Asia; Europe (4 years in the UK); Middle East
    • Clients include DG MARE, AIDCO, MCC, AfDB, World Bank, DFID and private clients
    • Spécialities : project management; market studies; seafood hygiene, seafood traceability and safety; fisheries surveillance; independent audits (MSC Chain of Custody, other)
    • M.Sc. in Aquaculture (Stirling, UK - 2001) ; Master in Marine Biology (Lille, France/Bergen, Norway - 1999 ; Highest Dist.)
    Catherine LECOUFFE
    • Holder of an M.Sc. in aquaculture (University of Stirling, UK) and M.Sc. in agriculture (ISA, Lille)
    • 10 years of experience in aquaculture project management and backstopping under several donor agencies (EU, DFID, AFD) in Asia and Africa.
    • Project officer and project manager for APDRA Pisciculture Paysanne, a French NGO implementing fish farming development project in Africa.
      Program Officer for a DFID funded aquaculture research programme coordinating research teams leading projects focusing on aquaculture while leading her own research on Fairtrade shrimp in parallel. Involved in several EU-funded projects for Stirling Aquaculture, the consultancy of the Institute of Aquaculture in Scotland (AquaFlow, CSN-Intran). (2003-2008)
    • Skills: fundraising, identification, management – technical and financial – and implementation of aquaculture projects
      Several field missions (monitoring, study, feasibility) in Africa and Asia
    Etienne JARRY
    • Preparation and implementation of observer programmes at the COFREPECHE's Head Office
    • Program Manager of the ROP-BFT 'Regional observer Program for Bluefin Tuna' from ICCAT, seasons 2010, 2011 and 2012.
    • Former observer deployed on Mediterranean tuna purse seiners and on Atlantic coastal fishing vessels
    • Specialities: project management, preparation and implementation of fisheries observer and monitoring programmes, observers management
    • In Charge of elaborating the Strategic Orientation Document'Climate-Energy-Development', Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs(2008).
    • Master in Natural Resources Ecology (IBEA, Angers - 2007) and in Entreprises Administration (IAE, Nantes - 2008)
    Charline COMPARINI
    • Project officer on development and fisheries management projects (mainly on  ICCAT Regional Observer Programmes - ROP-BFT and ROP-TROP).
    • Diploma of fishery engineer obtained in 2013 (M.Sc level, Rennes).
    • Diploma of technician specialised in agronomy and biology (Auch - 2006)
    • Field work experiences in marine biology : Establishment of an energetic management system, as quality/security/environment (QSE) assistant, (Filpromer, France). Internship of 8 days, on the “Cezembre” and fishing in deep waters (Arcobreizh, France). Analyse of the impact of human activities on geography of marine turtles birth areas on beaches of the south of Mahe (NGO MCSS, Seychelles).

    In brief
    01/02/14 : End of ACP Fish II projects

    31/01/14 : Evaluations of EU fisheries agreements by the consortium led by COFREPECHE: the European Commission extends for one year the framework contract

    06/01/14 : Launching of the project for a technical assistance to the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture of Togo

    COFREPECHE searches
    Africa, Caribbean Islands, Pacific (ACP)
    03/10/11 : Experts in fisheries and aquaculture management policy development, research and implementation (looking for specialists in diverse and complementary skills)

    Europe / Africa
    03/10/11 : Experts in European and/or African marine fisheries management and stock assessment (experience in fisheries certification - MSC or other)

    Création, conception : Développement, intégration : Nicolas Garcelon - © COFREPECHE