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The consortium, led by COFREPECHE, has completed the evaluation of the Protocol to the Fisheries Partnership Agreement between the EU and Greenland
Ex post and ex ante evaluation of the Protocol to the Fisheries Partnership Agreement between the EU, and the Government of Denmark and the Home Rule Government of Greenland (GRL171)
Sign-up for the SAFI newsletter is now open
SAFI (Support to Aquaculture and Fishery Industry) is COFREPECHE’s FP7 (7th Framework Programme) funded project which started in October 2013.
End of ACP Fish II projects
Evaluations of EU fisheries agreements by the consortium led by COFREPECHE: the European Commission extends for one year the framework contract
MARE/2011/01 Lot 3: retrospective and prospective evaluations on the international dimension of the common fisheries policy (CFP)
Launching of the project for a technical assistance to the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture of Togo
Launching of the international research project: ‘Support to Aquaculture and Fishery Industry’ (SAFI) funded by the European Commission
Second part of the study on deep sea fisheries impacts for the European Commission
Related to the current revision of the European CPC
2013 Bluefin Tuna fishing season
ICCAT observers onboard Mediteranean purse seiners
End of the Côte d’Ivoire project on fishing policy tools development
One of ACP fish II projets funded by the European Union
Launching of the ACP Fish II project in Sierra Leone
Evaluation of the protocol to the fisheries partnership agreement between the UE and Ivory Coast
carried out by COFREPECHE on behalf of DG MARE (CIV98 - MUL72)
End of the bluefin Tuna fishing season
Implementation of the ICCAT ROP-BFT programme 2012/2013
COFREPECHE will observe 100 % of the purse seiners fleet and the farming facilities involved in the Bluefin tuna fishing during the season 2012/2013.
Evaluation of the Fisheries Partnership Agreement "EU - Kiribati"
on behalf of the DG MARE (European Commission)
New contract: EU Fisheries partnership agreements and RFMO evaluations on behalf of DG MARE
Indian Ocean - Phase II of the Project: "Study of socio-economic impacts of FADs anchored in local fisheries in the Southwestern area of the Indian Ocean"
Under French funds 'FFEM' ; a 14 months study, from decembre 2011 to february 2013
End of COCHISE project on optimising energy consumption
Study of a new concept of trawler; integrated, safe and effective
Regional market study in the Indian Ocean
One of COFREPECHE staff on the field in July
Training of the Italian national observers deployed on the Tugs vessels
A 5 days training session to Naples - Itlay
More than 200 days of observation on the farming facilities of bluefin tuna.
The MRAG/COFREPECHE Consortium will implement the ICCAT Regional Bluefin Tuna Observation Programme 2011/2012
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COFREPECHE meet the King of Morocco during the Halieutis exhibition
COFEPECHE presented their stand and their subsidiary company COFMA
COFMA soon on the internet
COFMA, our subsidiary company in Morocco
Indian Ocean - New project awarded : "Socio-economic impact study of anchored FAD in local fisheries in the South West Indian Ocean"
Under French funds 'FFEM' ; a two months study, from january to february 2011
Sénégal - new project: "Assessment of the fisheries research sector in Senegal and proposals of a strengthening programme" (AFD)
Under the funds of the French Development Agency (AFD), a two month study: October - November 2010
Gabon - new long term project: "Stock assessment and management of fisheries" (AfDB)
"Stock assessment, management of fishery resources and the establishment of an Observatory of Fisheries under the Support Programme to Sector Fisheries and Aquaculture (PSPA in French)"
New project awarded in Morocco: "study on value addition to fishery products" (MCA Morocco)
Analysis of the supply chain value of Moroccan artisanal fishery products
End of the mission for the “bluefin tuna” observers
ICCAT Regional Observer Programme of Bluefin tuna - season 2010
Deployment of 61 ICCAT observers by COFREPECHE and COFREPECHE MAROC
ICCAT Regional Observer Programme of Bluefin tuna - season 2010
New project in Gabon - socio-economic and environmental study of the industrial fisheries in Gabon
World Bank funds
2010 ICCAT Regional Observer Programme for Bluefin tuna fishing - training in Morocco
COFREPECHE continues to train observers from Morocco
2010 ICCAT Regional Observer Programme for Bluefin tuna fishing - training in Italy
COFREPECHE has started training observers
New project awarded to COFREPECHE: aquaculture study in Middle East
Private client
COFREPECHE manages the ICCAT Regional Observer Programme for Bluefin Tuna in 2010
COFREPECHE manages the programme in partnership with MRAG Ltd. (consortium leader)
New COFREPECHE website online today!
A modern design and easy access to apply for our job opportunities
New project awarded to COFREPECHE: Managing the PMU of the SFP 'seafood hygiene' Programme
Programme aiming at Strengthening Fishery Products Health Conditions in ACP/OCT countries
COFREPECHE currently manages several fisheries observation programmes
on behalf of the Fisheries and Aquaculture Directorate (DPMA), France

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