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International consultancy in fisheries, aquaculture and marine environments

More than 30 years experience: COFREPECHE, a limited company with a management board, was created in 1980 by professionals of the maritime sector.

Fisheries and aquaculture:
our savoir-faire

Public and private projects on the five continents

With more than 30 years experience, COFREPECHE has integrated skills in technical, economic and financial savoir-faire in the fisheries and aquaculture sector and the integrated coastal zone management.

Our experts work all around the world providing advices, technical assistance and carrying out studies and audits.

In 1994, COFREPECHE acquired France Aquaculture, former subsidiary of Ifremer (Ifremer), specialised in aquaculture activities.

More than 70 countries covered throughout Europe, the American continent, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean.

COFREPECHE has achieved more than 750 projects throughout the World for private and public clients including the international development organizations (EuropeAid, World Bank, United Nations, Millenium Challenge Corporation, African Development Bank, other).

A selection of our current projects is presented on 'What we do'.

In brief
01/02/14 : End of ACP Fish II projects

31/01/14 : Evaluations of EU fisheries agreements by the consortium led by COFREPECHE: the European Commission extends for one year the framework contract

06/01/14 : Launching of the project for a technical assistance to the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture of Togo

Africa, Caribbean Islands, Pacific (ACP)
03/10/11 : Experts in fisheries and aquaculture management policy development, research and implementation (looking for specialists in diverse and complementary skills)

Europe / Africa
03/10/11 : Experts in European and/or African marine fisheries management and stock assessment (experience in fisheries certification - MSC or other)

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